Sunday, October 27, 2013

Magic of Love

     I'm here again to post a very special and significant happenings in my life a year ago. And all about my love life again. But this time its different in my past entries, b'coz its a happy and inspired entry that i haven't experienced before. 

Oh sya" tama ng introduction yan. I will start my entry for a short while. :) 

       My heart starts to beat again last May 28, 2012. A girl that introduced by my friend (ifiknow)through texting. My friend met this girl in ParaƱaque in his business proposal as a sales agent. Why you don't try to text this girl, and ask her if you can be friend, my friend told me. And i decided to give a shot for what my friend adviced me. And before that day ends, i texted the girl na nireto ng friend ko. Nagbakasakali ako na pansinin nya at kanyang pagukulan ng panahon.That's my first time to try na magkaroon ng text-mate. And luckily the girl texted me back, actually she the girl that my friend mentioned to be my text-mate. The planned is she will be my bridge to her friend (ang gulo noh bat di pa me dumiretso sa kanya). Nagtanung sya ng personal information about me para daw maging for the security of her friend. And answered it honestly naman kahit na alam ko ung age ang pinakamahirap sabihin ng totoo. And that day, also i managed to opened my facebook account to search her profile and judge her beauty at the first glance. And the first word that came out from my mouth is "bata". She looks so young and beautiful. Na love at "profile pic" ata ako. And then i searched also the profile of her girlfriend that supposed to be my text-mate. And to be honest, i feel sad after i saw the profile pic of her friend. Ops, wag muna magisip ng kung anu-anu. I feel sad because cartoon character ang pics nya kaya i didn't saw her face that time.

        Pero sa paglipas ng panahon, i used to text her pa rin kahit na ung friend nya talaga ang prospect ko that time. B'coz nasanay na din ako na makatxt sya, she is much polite and approachable text-mate than her friend. Actually i wished nga that time na sana sya nalang ung nireto ng friend ko sakin. 

       As days goes by, i realized that its not worth for me to text her friend, nagpakatotoo na me. I ask her na sana kung pede sya nalang ang makatxt-mate ko b'coz i really don't like the way her friend texted me. And first she don't agree, but after ng ilang pangungulit ko sa text, i've got her permission to be her text-mate na din. And that day, i begin to spent money for my load in a daily basis. Di na me nawawalan ng load as like before na almost a month lang me magpaload. I feel so happy to text her for the update of my daily life even if she frequently texted me back and because she is also in different mobile network that's why. 

      And mabilis lang lumipas ang araw, napapansin ko na din na madalas na din syang magreply sa mga text ko. I asked her when we will meet in person, she replied "matagal pang mangyayari un". I felt sad when she answered me that way. I want to see her in person so that i can assess my feelings if she will accept me personality. Medyo mababa din kasi ang self stem ko. And after a month, i  have accepted a new job offer in mandaluyong. If you ask what is the connection on her? That incidence give way to me to meet her in person. I texted her that i got hired in a multinational company. She is very happy for me then. And i take that opportunity to ask if we can meet in her place. And she replied me "yes". Maybe she is very happy for me so that I've got a new job. Around 5pm that day, i went to a supermarket in makati to bought some flowers to surprise her. I took the bus from there and text her na on the way na me. That's also my first time to go in that place. So i feel a little nervous na baka maligaw ako. And after a few minutes of riding a bus, the moment has come to see her beauty in person. In our agreed place, i saw a girl that coming on my way. In a far distance i knew that she is my text-mate. And i approach her with a flowers in my back and slowly giving it to her for a surprise.I saw her with a smile in her face once i gave the flowers. I ask her if she took her dinner and she said that she already ate her meal. So i have no choice na ihatid nalang sya pauwi. We walked together like we're friends for a long time. No dull moments that time, and napansin ko na halos ako lang din ang nagsalita ng araw na yun.  

      After that day i'm looking forward for our first official date, and hoping that it will come soon. After some days, she invited me to accompanied her in our school to get her academic credentials. We graduated nga pala in the same school in collage only in different manner of time, im 4 years older to her. That's maybe our first official friendly date. And nasundan din ang date namin after a week and week after. 

      In one of our date, i managed to ask her if i can court her. And she replied na "sobrang bilis naman di pa ako ready, bigyan mo ako ng panahon". And that time i feel so sad but not losing my hopes yet. Maybe it's so early to ask about it inspite we have seen each other for a short period of time. I admitted na mabilis nga naman ang pagtatanung ko, i want to make sure if i have a chance for that early so that i will not be hurt kapag tumagal pa. Good thing that she didn't change the way she texted me. Di sya umiwas like what im expecting her to act after the rejection to me. I waited for a months to get her "yes" to court her. And on the same place that i ask her for the first time if i can court her she allowed me na ligawan sya. I feel im in heaven when i hired her yes, feeling ko sinagot na nya ako but in fact pinayagan nya lang me manligaw. She warned me that she is a type of girl that cannot get that easily so probably it will took a lots of patience, time and blood na para mapasagot sya. 

       Constantly, i ask her for a date if we have free time. Lagi ko syang hatid sundo sa place nya para lang makasama sya. We have been in so many place around in the metro, from south to north, west to east of metro manila. We ate our meals together, i laughed and smile with no worries in our mind. I feel great in times im with her. There is no boring or dull moment in our previous dates. We spent holidays together, but not in the same date liked Christmas and New year because she spent it with her family of course. And last february 2013, she transferred from ParaƱaque to Makati. We took our lunch together, i managed to go to her office in lunch time from mandaluyong to makati back to mandaluyong after the lunch break. I even managed to accompanied her from her office to her dorm after office hours. And that's my routine daily for long time. 

And last June we went to Tagaytay City, that's actually our first date outside manila. She surprises me with a letter named "Mr. Choi".

        After reading it, i feel so special to her. I'm so much thankful that GOD gave her to me. Feeling ko sinagot na nya ako that time, and because i have a clue that she will give her yes at the same day after reading the letter. I waited that day for a long time, and the day ended with no words came from her na "YES'. Nagassumed lang pala me na sasagutin na nya me that day. How petty that i feel that time but still it's a very memorable day for the both of us, we explore the tagaytay from people's park to picnic grove and to finish the trip we ate the special bulalo of the town.

       A month after,to be exactly it's July 7, 2013. She invited me to go back to her previous dormitory in paranaque to get her things. I thought it is an ordinary date for us, but she have a surprised for me. We came back to the place where we meet each other for the first time.

        And she told me the were not going to here old place and anymore that day. She planned na bumalik talaga sa lugar kung saan kami unang nagkita. And that moment i feel goosebumps, i have the idea na sasagutin na nya ako nung sinabi nya un. And until the moment she told me na sinasagot na nya ako. I can't explained what i feel, i can't even smile because at that moment im still shock. Super sweet ng ginawa nyang un, and that moment all i can do is to hug and thank her for the trust and love she gave to me. I realized that im so blessed to have her. Very worthy ung panliligaw ko sa kanya, i feel so happy talaga at that time. I told her also that i will love her and protect her as much as i can. Super corny ko talaga that time,she is the first girl that gave that much attention to me. And im so lucky to have her. Today, we managed to be together for a date specially in sundays. We attend "The Feast" on a weekly basis in PICC. Malapit na kaming magcelebrate ng 4th monthsary, and hoping that our love will last forever and praying to GOD that she will be the girl na makakasama ko tumanda. Maybe this is the end of my entry, napahaba na ata. Salamat sa oras ng pagbabasa. I want to end my entry with the a dedication song for her.

I Love You Jobelle!!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

My only "Happiness"

Now I'm back, more than 2 years ago from my last post here at my bloglife.

Today, i will document my happy life and let me say special life b'coz of a pretty girl the I've never met before. Starting today no more bitter and lonely post to my blog. I've found my happiness in a person that treats me so special.

Hmmmm, all started from giving her number through my friend. Actually she is not my "katext" to be, a friend of her that should be my "katext". She is not a fun of referral, for her its like playing lang kapag through text ang pagpapakilala. Before her, i have a plan na to have blind date to find my happiness. And that time i said to myself, try ko nga. The first thing that she asked me is my full personal data. I've text for the security of her close friend daw. Hehe.. At the first place, i thought sya ung magiging katxt mate q. Then eventually nalaman ko na hindi pala. We've graduated in the same school but not in the same year, I'm ahead of 3years. And for the short time na nagkatxt kami, we have talked a things na may sense. That's made me reply to her msg immediately.. :) And then she transferred me to her close friend. Na medyo nalungkot ako, sana talaga sya nalang yung magiging katxt mate ko.

And then, about 3-4 days kami nagkatxt ng close friend nya. At one instances na her friend tease me that my age and type is perfect fit for her. Her friend always pushing me away, then one day d na me nagtxt sa kanya.

Then that time, I've txt her(girl na una kong nakatxt) again, to continue what we have started before. And thanks GOD, she entertained me again. At dun na nagsimula na maging katxt mate ko sya. Just in txt, nakilala ko sya na super mabait. She's a type of girl on a serious side. She wants all thing to be in a right place. No immediate decisions, she's very optimistic. She thought me to love myself before anything else. And for that i so much appreciated her thought. Super nakakabilib ung pagkatao nya, she's always making me smile in a simple way. Super totoo nyang tao. That's why d sya nakakasawang katxt.
After some days, napapayag ko syang makipagkita, which is ayaw nya daw talagang makipagmeet ng ganun kadali. (I dont know din why nakaconvince ko sya,hehehe). For our first meeting, i surprised her for giving a flowers. But wrong moved ako nun, kasi we didn't had a time to talked long dahil hinatid ko na sya agad to her place which is my fault talaga. Naisip ko sana we have stayed longer baka di na maulet ung pagmemeet namin. Actually, im so nervous to meet her personally, baka kasi maturnoff sya in my physical aspect(super negative ko noh?:)). And thanks GOD, hindi sya ganung tao, super totoo nya talaga. I have a big smile, when she replied that nagustuhan nya ung flowers. 

And after 4days, nagkita ulet kami. That time, buong araw kaming nagkasama, dun ko rin naramdaman na nahuhulog na ako sa kanya, but I didn’t tell her about that feelings para di maspoiled ung moment. We laughed like a child, walang ilang, parang matagal ng magkaibigan. Masaya syang kasama, and for me she’s so perfect at that point of time. We talked a lot of things under the sun. No hesitation of sharing each other life.
After a few days, I have to tell her na what do I feel to her. Na nafafall na talaga ako sa kanya, and I want her to be my girl. And as expected, she replied na we must take it slowly, which is tama naman sya. Di pa nga umaabot sa isang buwan kaming magkakilala. And for the moment friendship lang ang maooffer nya, which is aus lang naman sakin kahit na masakit or medyo rejected ako dun. J

For now, we have talked about our relationship for being friend. She told me that she’s not ready to have a boyfriend right now. And I’ve to respect her decision. I promised to her also that I will wait till I can for the time that she is ready to enter into a relationship. For me love is patience, I must respect and trust her for what decision she had. And maybe that’s the true meaning of love, I’m willing to wait. Even that I’m not the one to be her BF. At least, I’ve met her. I’m so blessed to have her as a friend. So thankful talaga ako, I feel so special. Hopefully and I will pray for that day na maging positive ang results ng magiging relationship naming in the future.

Sa ngaun, steady muna kami. Getting to know each other more. And maybe tomorrow, next month, next quarter or even next year. Pumayag na sya na manligaw ako.

As this moment, I’m so happy and in love. Di ko pa naramdaman ito before. Ang hirap pala kapag late kana nainlove, parang d na angkop sa edad ko. Hehehe

My message for the girl that makes me happy all day ------ “Thanks for accepting me, for appreciating me, for being my good friend. Salamat for making me happy. GODBLESS”

Till the next chapter of our story, and hope for my next entry – I’m will be proud to announce na kami na.. hehehe :)


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Valentine's day, Hearts day o araw ng mga puso kahit anung tawag dyan iisang araw lang yan. Feb 14... Anu ba talaga ang araw na ito sa mga tao? Kailangan ba talagang ipagdiwang ito o sadyang pamparami lang ng paalala sa kalendaryo? Ayun sa wikipedia --- It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). Yun naman pala, isang kaugalian na kung saan pagpapakita ng pagmamahal sa isang tao, in short gastos para sa mga lalaki(LOL). Pero sa paglipas ng panahon nabigyan ng ibang kahulugan ang araw na ito, hindi lang ito umiikot sa mga nagmamahalan. Pede mo rin naman kasing bigyan ng tsokolayt at bulaklak ang mga taong di mo mahal sa panahon na ito katulad ng mga sumusunod:

  • Kapamilya mo - sa ina, kapatid na babae, sa lola, sa tita, sister-in-law, mother-in-law.
  • Sa kaibigan - ung kaibigan lang talaga ang turing mo ha,sa umpisa. kasi nanliligaw pa eh.
  • Sa teacher/professor - uso yan nung college at high school ako, para magpalakas sa kanila, tsktsk.
  • at marami pang iba. hehe,wala na kasi akong maisip.

Panahon ng paggunita sa mga taong nagmahal, nagmamahal at magmamahal satin. Single man o may asawa, it's complicated o kaya in relationship, dating or searching. Lagi nating tatandaan maski sa lovelyf ay weather - weather lang(Matang-Lawin,LOL).

Espesyal na araw sa mga magkasintahan, malungkot naman para sa mga iniwanan. Kaliwa't kanang palabas na ang tema ay pagmamahalan. Saan kaya sila dadalhin ng pagiibigan?..

Isang araw na naman ang nagdaan, dadaan at magdadaan, walang magbabago puso ko lalo lang nasasaktan. Pagibig na kay tagal tagal ng hinahangad bakit hangang ngayong sadyang mailap. Di ko naman sinisisi ang mundo kung bakit ako nagkaganito, sadyang malupit lang talaga siguro kapag ang tadhana sayo'y nagbiro.

Bago matapos ang entry ko na ito, may isang tula akong nagawa ng kadahilanan ng malungkot kung tadhana. Sana maibigan nyo ang obra ko...

Di mo man ako mahal aking kaibigan, andito lang ako walang sawang nagmamahal at magmamahal sayo. Bow..

Again, Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso. Sana lahat tayo ay masaya.

Spread the love to the world. ^_^

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spell L.O.V.E

14days before Valentine ’s Day, 2weeks before heart day. Meron ka na bang ka-date? Handa naba ang susuotin mo sa araw na un? Buti ka pa may date ka, kasi ako wala eh. I wil celebrate that day once again with my dearest family.

Mapupuno na naman ang luneta, magkakaubusan na naman ng mga upuan sa mga restaurant na mahilig puntahan ng mga magsisin-erog. Uso na naman ang mga nakakaantig puso na mga story sa T.V. at big screen. Marami na naman ang magsusuot ng pulang damit. Mabenta na naman ang mga bulaklak sa tindahan… Rose for those in the middle class, Tulips for those in the upper class at Sampaguita sa mga gipit at walang perang pambili ng mamahaling bulaklak. Above average na naman ang gross receipts ng mga bahay na walang kusina, specially sa Sta. Mesa.

People connect by love, reunite by love, bond by love. Love is so mysterious, even in field of medicine they can’t give a clear meaning of LOVE. Maraming uri ng love; Unconditional love- given by our parents and family, God’s love from our creator and father—PAPA Jesus, and the most complicated among them all is the romantic/intimate love. Love that can change a people, can make people so miserable. There are so many meaning of love that we applied in our daily life. Love can completes us and even destroyed us. To be honest, masarap naman talaga umibig. D ito mapaliwanag ang saya kapag ika’y nagmamahal, un ay kung mahal ka rin ng mahal mo. Sa movie lang naman talaga nagkakaroon ng happy ending in terms ng love story, sometimes even you love each other kailangan nyo pa rin maghiwalay. Saludo ako sa mga taong magmamahal ng walang inihintay na kapalit. Alam kung isang pagiging martyr un, kung baga one way love lang xa, ung tibong lahat ng bagay gagawin mo para sa mahal mo upang mapasaya xa kahit na walang kapalit. I hope n sana ang pag-ibig ay parang pagbabayad ng buo, na pedeng suklian kahit barya barya lang. Mahirap kapag friends kayo before din naging maglovers kayo o kaya nafall ung other party, nagsusuffer ung friendship and sometimes it end up enimies. Sometimes it started in bestfriends then end up lovers. D naman talaga maiiwasan mainlab sa isang kaibigan, lagi kayong magkasama, kilala nyo na ang gusto at ayaw ng isa’t isa. May narinig akong ang perfect friends cannot be a perfect lovers. Kaya cguro mas gugustuhin mo nalang na magkaibigan kayo kaysa sa mawala sya sa tabi mo.

Ang ilan naman ay naniniwala sa destiny, but im not one of them. You must search your happiness or else you can’t find it. Pero meron din naman na nakukuha nila ang gusto nila na wala silang ginagawa at d nag eexert ng effort, maybe this just so lucky. Life is too short for us to full around, to wait for those who/what we want. We must start right away for us to be happy, ika nga ng isa kung kaibigan – “find your happiness, and happiness will find you”.

Now is the end of the month, but tomorrow is the beginning of other month. It shows that all must end to start a new.

Love month na tomorrow, buwan ng mga nagmamahalan, mahalin mo ang mga taong nagmamahal at nagaalaga sayo. I hope I can find the one that will love me for who I am, that will shout to the world that she loves me.

Pray to God, and he will lead to the road that we need. Godbless us all.