Sunday, June 24, 2012

My only "Happiness"

Now I'm back, more than 2 years ago from my last post here at my bloglife.

Today, i will document my happy life and let me say special life b'coz of a pretty girl the I've never met before. Starting today no more bitter and lonely post to my blog. I've found my happiness in a person that treats me so special.

Hmmmm, all started from giving her number through my friend. Actually she is not my "katext" to be, a friend of her that should be my "katext". She is not a fun of referral, for her its like playing lang kapag through text ang pagpapakilala. Before her, i have a plan na to have blind date to find my happiness. And that time i said to myself, try ko nga. The first thing that she asked me is my full personal data. I've text for the security of her close friend daw. Hehe.. At the first place, i thought sya ung magiging katxt mate q. Then eventually nalaman ko na hindi pala. We've graduated in the same school but not in the same year, I'm ahead of 3years. And for the short time na nagkatxt kami, we have talked a things na may sense. That's made me reply to her msg immediately.. :) And then she transferred me to her close friend. Na medyo nalungkot ako, sana talaga sya nalang yung magiging katxt mate ko.

And then, about 3-4 days kami nagkatxt ng close friend nya. At one instances na her friend tease me that my age and type is perfect fit for her. Her friend always pushing me away, then one day d na me nagtxt sa kanya.

Then that time, I've txt her(girl na una kong nakatxt) again, to continue what we have started before. And thanks GOD, she entertained me again. At dun na nagsimula na maging katxt mate ko sya. Just in txt, nakilala ko sya na super mabait. She's a type of girl on a serious side. She wants all thing to be in a right place. No immediate decisions, she's very optimistic. She thought me to love myself before anything else. And for that i so much appreciated her thought. Super nakakabilib ung pagkatao nya, she's always making me smile in a simple way. Super totoo nyang tao. That's why d sya nakakasawang katxt.
After some days, napapayag ko syang makipagkita, which is ayaw nya daw talagang makipagmeet ng ganun kadali. (I dont know din why nakaconvince ko sya,hehehe). For our first meeting, i surprised her for giving a flowers. But wrong moved ako nun, kasi we didn't had a time to talked long dahil hinatid ko na sya agad to her place which is my fault talaga. Naisip ko sana we have stayed longer baka di na maulet ung pagmemeet namin. Actually, im so nervous to meet her personally, baka kasi maturnoff sya in my physical aspect(super negative ko noh?:)). And thanks GOD, hindi sya ganung tao, super totoo nya talaga. I have a big smile, when she replied that nagustuhan nya ung flowers. 

And after 4days, nagkita ulet kami. That time, buong araw kaming nagkasama, dun ko rin naramdaman na nahuhulog na ako sa kanya, but I didn’t tell her about that feelings para di maspoiled ung moment. We laughed like a child, walang ilang, parang matagal ng magkaibigan. Masaya syang kasama, and for me she’s so perfect at that point of time. We talked a lot of things under the sun. No hesitation of sharing each other life.
After a few days, I have to tell her na what do I feel to her. Na nafafall na talaga ako sa kanya, and I want her to be my girl. And as expected, she replied na we must take it slowly, which is tama naman sya. Di pa nga umaabot sa isang buwan kaming magkakilala. And for the moment friendship lang ang maooffer nya, which is aus lang naman sakin kahit na masakit or medyo rejected ako dun. J

For now, we have talked about our relationship for being friend. She told me that she’s not ready to have a boyfriend right now. And I’ve to respect her decision. I promised to her also that I will wait till I can for the time that she is ready to enter into a relationship. For me love is patience, I must respect and trust her for what decision she had. And maybe that’s the true meaning of love, I’m willing to wait. Even that I’m not the one to be her BF. At least, I’ve met her. I’m so blessed to have her as a friend. So thankful talaga ako, I feel so special. Hopefully and I will pray for that day na maging positive ang results ng magiging relationship naming in the future.

Sa ngaun, steady muna kami. Getting to know each other more. And maybe tomorrow, next month, next quarter or even next year. Pumayag na sya na manligaw ako.

As this moment, I’m so happy and in love. Di ko pa naramdaman ito before. Ang hirap pala kapag late kana nainlove, parang d na angkop sa edad ko. Hehehe

My message for the girl that makes me happy all day ------ “Thanks for accepting me, for appreciating me, for being my good friend. Salamat for making me happy. GODBLESS”

Till the next chapter of our story, and hope for my next entry – I’m will be proud to announce na kami na.. hehehe :)



Anonymous said...

see??hehe have faith lang ky God dadating din ang magpapatibok at magpapasaya s puso moh..

I'm so happy for you kc nahanap mo na ang happiness wag mo na xang pa2kawalan ha??heheh

[ bober_nycor ] said...

can't be happier to see you happy as well. hehehe! ano ba yan! inspired din ako magpost eh. so, bubuhayin ko na blog ko and won't be letting the urge went off.

kikilabotz said...

hahaha nbasa ko rin to, sa wakas